Ted and Jane



in progress films on Jane Fonda (producer/D.P.), Haskell Wexler (director/D.P.), & Ted Turner D.P. ‘SNOW BLIND’ Discovery feature doc on Rachael Scdoris, 22 year old blind Iditarod racer, D.P.


“DIXIE CHICKS: SHUT UP AND SING,” feature doc directed by Barbara Kopple, Cinematography 2006 ‘BASTARDS OF THE PARTY,’ feature doc about gangs in L.A., directed by Bone. Cinematography
‘WHO NEEDS SLEEP?’ about long hours in film industry, directed by Haskell Wexler. Cinematography ‘HIS BIG WHITE SELF,’ South African messianic AWB leader, Eugene Terreblanche, just out of prison for acts of terrorism, meets Nick Broomfield – a look at what has become of the Boers. D.P.


Recipient of IDA’s 1st annual Award for Outstanding Achievement in Documentary Cinematography ‘DANSON ACROSS AMERICA’ hybrid spoofs Ted & reality TV, pilot. Co-Producer,D.P. ‘RAIN IN A DRY LAND” follows 2 Somali Bantu families’ resettlement in the U.S. D.P.


‘BEARING WITNESS’ A&E doc by Barbara Kopple about journalists in Iraq. Cinematography ‘RATED R: REPUBLICANS IN HOLLYWOOD’ for A&E, Arnold Swartznegger on campaign trail. D.P.
6 “ROCK THE VOTE” spots, Stephen Gyllenhaal, director, D.P. 2003 ‘AILEEN: LIFE & DEATH OF A SERIAL KILLER,’ Co-director w/ Nick Broomfield, D.P.
‘DANCE CUBA’ follows a Cuban & US ballet company at a festival in Havana, Cinamatography 2002 ‘CONCERT FOR GEORGE,’ memorial for Harrision, David Leland, director. Cinematography
‘RESIDENTS,’ 13 TLC docs shot in a hospital, exec-prod by R.J. Cutler. Producer, Cinematographer ‘HOMEOFTHEBRAVE,’ ViolaLiuzzo, onlywhitewomankilledincivilrightsmovement. D.P. ‘BIGGIE & TUPAC,’ feature doc directed by Nick Broomfield. D.P.


‘DOWN FROM THE MOUNTAIN,’ about Blue Grass concert with Coen Bros’ cast of musicians for “O Brother Where Art Thou?” directed by Pennebaker, Hegedus. Cinematography
‘AMERICAN HIGH’ 13 PBS Emmy docs, exec-prod by RJ Cutler. Producer, Cinematographer
‘DOMELESS IN SEATTLE,’ TLC/BBC doc on Kingdome implosion, dir by Mike Rossiter. D. P. 1999 ‘CONVERSATION WITH GREGORY PECK,’ TMC, dir. by Barbara Kopple. Cinematography
5 COMMERCIALS for VW PASSAT, BMP DDB Agency. Nick Broomfield director (& star). D. P. ‘TWILIGHT,’ PBS show on Anna Deveare Smith, directed by Marc Levin. Cinematography ‘ON PHOTOGRAPHY,’ PBS show produced by Middlemarch Films. Cinematography ‘THE LOST FLEET,’ Discovery /BBC diving for pirate wrecks off Venezuela, dir Mike Rossiter. D.P. ‘AMERICANOS,’ HBO, prod. by Eddie Olmos, dir. by Andy & Susan Young. Cinematography


‘ICE COOL IN JAPAN,’ BBC doc on the British bobsled team’s World Cup tour culminating in the Olympics at Nagano, directed by Mike Rossiter. Cinematographer ‘EXTREME SPORTS,’ HBO Undercover doc., directed by Rob Epstein. Cinematography


‘RIVER OF SONG,’ 4 PBS shows about music along the Mississippi, dir. by J. Junkerman. Co-D.P. ‘SHANA,’ educational film on racism distributed by SVE Inc. Director, cinematographer ‘KURT & COURTNEY,’ feature doc on Cobain & Love directed by Nick Broomfield. Cinematography


‘BLOW UP,’ Discovery/BBC doc on Loizeau bros imploding building in Pittsburg, dir Mike Rossiter. D.P. ‘THE STORY OF MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS,’ ABCspecial produced by Judy Leonard. D.P. ‘MAKING BABIES,’ on surrogate mothers for Discovery, B. Lapping Prods. Cinematographer


‘SEARCHING FOR JIMI HENDRIX,’ feature doc by Pennebaker & Hegedus Portraits of contemporary artists’ renditions of Jimi’s songs. Cinematography ‘GUNS IN AMERICA,’ series for Showtime/Ch.4 U.K., Steve York director. Cinematography ‘MIDAS MUFFLER,’ 5 commercials directed by Michael Moore. Operator


‘ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT IN THE HOUSE,’ Channel 4 (UK) feature doc about Hip Hop groupDirector DP 1993 ‘L.A. RACE: AN AMERICAN CAMPAIGN,’ a look at what the political process has become through the window of the Los Angeles mayoral race. Director, Co-producer, D. P. 1992 ‘THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW’ Shandling’s HBO spoof on talk shows. Operator
‘AMERICAS’ WGBH series on Hispanics in U.S., directed by Jose Tovares. Cinematography 1991 ‘ASYLUM,’ HBO Undercover Emmy nominated doc about the criminally insane. Director, D.P.
‘THE CASSELL,’ Channel 4 (U.K.) production about a psychiatric hospital in London where therapy, not drugs is the method of treatment, produced by Udi Eichler. Cinematographer ‘BLACK OR WHITE,’ ‘REMEMBER THE TIME,’ Behind-the-scenes of M. Jackson videos. Director, D.P.


‘DEAR MR. GORBACHEV,’ Central TV doc based on letters , directed by Mike Grigsby. Cinematography ‘JUVENILE LIAISON 2,’ Channel 4 (U.K.), revisited subjects of 1975 film on a controversial crime deterrent program in the north of England. Co-director with Nick Broomfield, D.P.

Other Directing Credits:

‘ONE GENERATION MORE,’ BBC film about an Estonian Jewish family rediscovering their roots after 50 years of Soviet oppression. Director, Cinematographer
‘LILY TOMLIN’ PBS/Channel 4, feature film about evolution of comedienne’s Broadway hit, ‘Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe.’ Shown widely theatrically throughout the U.S. & in numerous festivals. Producer, Co-director w/ Nick Broomfield, Cinematographer
‘SOLDIER GIRLS’ PBS/Channel 4 film about women going through basic training. Awards: BAFTA for Best Feature Length Documentary, Prix Italia, First Prize Sundance F.F., Blue Ribbon American F.F., Producer, Co-director with Broomfield, Cinematographer
‘TATTOOED TEARS’ PBS/Channel 4 special about Youth Authority maximum security prison in California. Awards: Dupont Columbia Award for Outstanding Journalism, California State Bar for Distinguished Reporting, Producer, Co-director with Broomfield, Cinematographer
‘JUVENILE LIAISON’ BFI documentary about police in U.K. dealing with juvenile offenders, banned in the U.K., Co-producer, Co-director with Broomfield, Cinematographer
‘JIMI PLAYS BERKELEY’ feature film now a cult-classic about Jimi Hendrix, Director, Co-producer, Cinematographer
‘SYLVIA, FRAN & JOY,’ PBS special about women’s roles, Director, Cinematographer

Other cinematography credits:

‘AN AMERICAN FAMILY,’ PBS 12 part series on the Loud family in Santa Barbara ‘PUNISHMENT PARK,’ feature film by Peter Watkins ‘GIMME SHELTER’ feature by Maysles about Rolling Stones’ concert in Altamont ‘A POEM IS A NAKED PERSON’ a Les Blank film about Leon Russel
‘EVENING LAND,’ feature film by Peter Watkins ‘PUMPING IRON’ (I and II) feature documentaries about body building ‘HAIL, ROCK’N’ROLL,’ Chuck Berry celebrates his 65th, Taylor Hackford, director ‘BEYOND THE MAT,’ feature on pro-wrestling by Imagine Films/Universal ‘PSYCHIC TEA ROOM,’ BBC documentary about west coast psychics ‘STORIES FROM THE FARM,’ Channel 4 film on Broadwater Farm riot ‘JUNO & AVOS,’ Channel 4 film on first Russian rock opera, shot in Moscow ‘FEELIN’ NICE NOW,’ Central Television film on Carnival in Trinidad ‘PEACOCK’S WAR, Channel 4 film on man who lived with grizzly bears ‘RUSH,’ PBS documentary on sorority rituals at ‘ole Miss’ University ‘80 BLOCKS FROM TIFFANY’S,’ NBC film on South Bronx gangs ‘KELLY WOZ ‘ERE,’ Thames TV film on runaway girl in London ‘MARRIAGE GUIDANCE,’ Thames TV film on three couples’ therapy ‘WOMEN IN CUBA,’ Canadian National Film Board ‘WOMEN IN PRISON,’ ABC Special ‘SECRET SONGS OF THE DEEP,’ a BBC film by Martin Freeth about whales ‘AFTER THE GOLDRUSH,’ BBC film about the dispossessed people of the Amazon.

Member: ASC, AMPAS (on Documentary Branch Executive Committee) IDA


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